Why Us?

We aim not only to provide you with great event but also save you time, hassle and money!

IPC DinnerYou may decide to go it alone and you may well pull off a great event but there are several things of which we are confident…

You will have spent more time than actually necessary planning the event, you will have experienced some degree of stress or irritation whilst organising the event and finally you will no doubt have spent money on things that were unused, unnecessary or unnoticed.

Many feel the cost of hiring a Professional Event Planner will cause them to exceed their budget. On the contrary, a good event planner will not only keep you within budget but will also save you money.

A Professional Event Planner will spend years developing a large network of contacts that have both experience and expertise in all areas of the event industry.  Negotiating rates and contracts is a key part of the business and often a Professional Event Planner can negotiate a lower rate for their client simply because of who they are.  Just opening the Yellow Pages and making phone calls or surfing the web to find suppliers could be the recipe for disaster and a costly mistake.  

Very few individuals can really afford to devote the time and energy necessary to pull off the kind of event they really want to achieve and your time is a valuable commodity after all.

Don’t consider hiring a Professional Event Planner a luxury or a necessity but rather a ‘luxurious necessity’  and in return we will ensure the end result exceeds expectations and allow you to enjoy the planning process almost as much as the event itself.


We are passionate professionals who love what we do and that shows itself in every one of our events.

Red CarpetAs an event planner, you have to be organised and detail-oriented almost to a fault. You’ve got to have a creative streak that enables you to come up with new ideas and the planning skills to enable you to implement them. You need to be a people person, have an outgoing personality, and be flexible in the way you work, constantly adapting to your client’s needs. 

On top of this you need to act as a sounding board, mediator, counsellor, problem solver and sometimes even a miracle worker creating that unique ‘whole’ out of many bit and pieces. 

Whether your event is large or small, it deserves the same attention to detail and those distinctive personal touches that set it apart from the rest.  We are all familiar with Murphy’s Law, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” BUT that doesn’t mean that YOU have to worry about it.

We have the experience and expertise to not only meticulously plan your event ensuring that nothing is overlooked but are more than happy to look after everything as it happens on the day, giving you the client the opportunity to enjoy it alongside all the other guests.


We listen – and we work for you in whatever capacity you decide to create your perfect event.

Civil Ceremony at Latimer PlaceAt Event Perfect we understand that each and every event we undertake is intrinsically different and as such it requires varying levels of service and matching skill sets.

We work for both private and corporate clients, creating, planning and organising everything from weddings to new-product launches, company fun days to murder mystery dinners, conferences to Valentine’s balls. We are happy to do it all, from designing the theme to sending invitations to arranging the venue, the entertainment and the caterer to organising the taxis home.

Each client will have different ideas, visions and expectations etc. and we make it our priority to listen and find out about yours.

Whether you are looking for a complete event planning service, to cover all work from the initial consultation to the wrap-up of the event and final evaluation, or just want help with part of the planning or design process, we guarantee to work with you and on your behalf throughout from the moment we receive your enquiry.

Our four main levels of service offer you affordable alternatives to doing it yourself and include…

Consultation · Design, Planning and Preparation · Event Co-ordination · Complete Service

Whether we have complete control or are working as part of a team you usually have just one chance to make a first and lasting impression so let us help you make it the best one possible. Leave all the planning, paperwork, negotiations, and details to us. After all, it is what we love to do!